Kunigami Village located at the northernmost tip of Okinawa.
Even though it has the world-class Yanbar National Park, there is a current situation where the goodness of the original Kunigami village is not understood, including differences in recognition throughout Japan and the world compared to Okinawa in the southern region where tourist attractions are concentrated. The project started from the point of renovating a 45-year-old hotel in this area. At the beginning, the building was cool, and there were cracks in the outer wall as well. It was easy to smash and rebuild, but the desire to rejuvenate the area was strong, and I chose to do renovation (regeneration) from the desire to connect good old things to the next generation. Designed to turn old-fashioned, the hotel found a way from high-priced hotels to cheap hostels.


YANBARU HOSTEL's mission is to create a "system of regional revitalization" through the hotel business.
The first step is to create an entrance that attracts immigrants by supporting the hotel from both employment and residence. Next is the support for entrepreneurship in the village. Kunigami Village, which is actively focusing on World Natural Heritage registration, but approaches to people with entrepreneurship inside and outside the prefecture for problems that Kunigami Village has, such as lack of restaurants and accommodation facilities. We support planning, finding properties and matching with local residents. As a result, employment will increase, population will increase, consumption will increase and it will lead to revitalization of the village. There is no success of this hotel without regional revitalization. That would be the significance of this hotel's existence.


1A hotel to live
We offer plans such as migration experiences for long-term residents and living work experiences through the hotel.
2A hotel to play with
Ping pong, billiards, DJ booths and other leisure spaces. If you go outside, you can enjoy surfing, cycling and trekking in unspoiled natural resources.
3Workable hotel
There is a co-working space in the hotel, open to nomad workers, freelancers, designers and artists.